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Flight Planning - Handling

Draw track

Activates or deactivates the drawing mode
Exports a drawn track as CUP, TXT or to LX NAV
The transparency of the weather layer can be adjusted on the right edge in the vertical slider
Map settings, like background image or FAI mode
ALT + Left mouse
Deletes this point on the track

Free track or FAI triangle?

The FAI triangle mode in the map settings activates the FAI sectors. Powered pilots planning to fly a free track disable this mode.


A track planned here can be opened directly in your LX-NAV device in the cockpit.
For this, the LX-NAV device must be linked to your TopMeteo account (weather data link).
Enter a name when exporting to make it easier to find the track in the LX-NAV menu.
Then start your LX-NAV and connect it to the internet. The last track planned will then be automatically loaded onto your LX-NAV.
Only tracks that are not older than 48 hours are loaded and only the last exported route is sent to the LX-NAV.