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Forecast regions

Our forecast area covers regions on the continents of Europe, Africa and North America . Due to the "projection", the North African countries Morocco and Tunisia are included in the continent of Europe.

Forecast regions

Forecast region Europe (including North Africa), USA and Africa (southern Africa)

The image clearly shows the exact Europe area which is available to all customers with a Europe subscription. It is divided into so-called regions. In many cases, the regions are named after the country that incorporates the largest part of the region. For example FR for the region of France.

When you purchase a subscription, you choose a region. Choose either a Europe subscription that covers Europe and consequently all regions. Or opt for a Region subscription, which only covers the region purchased (e.g. France or the Alps).


In the USA we offer one package only, the USA Package. The covers the section shown in the image below. We also offer predefined regions, for example Atlantic South or Mountain. These are basically specified zoom levels. All regions can be used with the USA Package.

We offer three Region subscriptions within southern Africa. Namibia, South Africa and Botswana. Due to the geographical projection, the North African countries Morocco and Tunisia are assigned to the continent of Europe.